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Learn to Play Percussion: Bongó, Conga, Cajón, Djembé, Timbal Brasilero

Percussion Online Classes

In the Online Percussion Classes, I offers individual and face to face classes for you to start learn to play percussion from scratch and learn to play and make music with the percussion instrument you like – Bongó, Cajón, Conga, Djembé or Timbal Brasilero.

Percussion Online Courses

In the Online Percussion Courses I offer you different options for you to start to play percussion from scratch, develope as percussionist and learn to play and make music with the percussion instrument that you like: Bongo, Cajón, Conga, Djembé or Timbal Brasilero 

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The percussion code learn to play percussion online

The Percussion Code

Learn to play bongo online

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Learn to play conga online

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Learn to play cajon online

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Learn to play djembe online

Learn to Play

Learn to play timbal brasilero online

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The Percussion Code
"The Percussion Code" is the key for you to learn to play percussion

“The Percussion Code”, is a percussion learning method that I created and developed so that people of all ages, regardless of their abilities or musical knowledge, can start their learning path and learn to make music with various percussion instruments.

The Percussion Code proposes a gradual and progressive learning path that through an accessible language and a learning method suitable for anyone, It gives you all the technical, rhythmic and musical resources necessary for you to learn to play and make music with different percussion instruments such as the Bongó, Conga, Cajón, Djembé and Timbal Brasilero

Students reviews

Facundo percussion classes really helped me to improve my way of playing the congas and also added great new rhythms to my repertoire.
Facundo´s classes are great and they helped me to fulfill my desire to learn to play the bongos.
Facundo´s classes are fun and challeging. They really helped me to begin to play the cajon and to learn a lot of new rhythms.
I started the djembé classes from zero and full of doubts, but after a few classes I started to understand my instrument better and play all kinds of music.
Facundo´s classes really help me with the djembé, I learn to play a lot music and rhythms.
I wanted to play the cajón with my friends in a band and Facundo´s classes were really help me to achieve that goal. I learn a lot in them!
I needed to learn to play the congas to help in my church band and Facundo classes helped me to achieve that goal and help my community.
Great teacher and wonderfull experience. I learn a lot of tricks and rhythms in my Djembe classes with Facundo.
Czech Republic
percussion facilitator
Facundo Alvarez
Percussion Teacher & Facilitator

For 20 years I´ve dedicated myself to develope educational and recreational materials and experiences, with the goal of facilitate access to percussion learning to people of all ages

In all the projects I work motivated by the premise that "Percussion is for everybody" and that "Everyone can learn to play percussion".

My main goal is to help, as many people as I can, to live the unique experience of making music with percussion instruments.

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