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Author: Facundo Alvarez, Percussion teacher and Facilitator

Hi, welcome to Tocar Percusión Website.

In this section you´re going to find several post and videos about percussion ensembles of different rhythms from around the world.

This post is dedicated to Peruvian Tondero a rhythm deeply rooted in Peru´s music and tradition.

In this video you can watch how the Tondero Ensemble is built and which rhythms are played in it. 

For the recording of the video I included Conga, Cajón Peruano and Bongó as main percussion instrument, but in the back you can also listen to some traditional Peruvian percussion instrument such as: Semillas and “Cajita”.

All the rhythms I played in the video are inspired in the traditional rhythms played for years by peruvian percussionist

This material is part of the contents that I use on my Percussion Online Classes and Courses with my student.

I hope you find them useful and entretaining

Thanks to visit my website

Facundo Alvarez

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Peruvian Tondero Rhythm

A musical and dance expression of the rich culture of Perú

Colombian cumbia is a party of colors and rhythms

Tondero and Peruvian Music


In the diverse tapestry of Peru’s cultural heritage, the Afro-Peruvian Tondero dance stands out as a mesmerizing celebration of history, identity, and the rhythmic interplay between cultures. Rooted in the fusion of African, Indigenous, and Spanish influences, Tondero is a captivating dance that captures the essence of Peru’s rich cultural diversity.


Origins and Cultural Roots


Afro-Peruvian Tondero finds its origins in the coastal regions of Peru, where the African diaspora merged with local Indigenous and Spanish influences.

Born from a history of enslavement and cultural exchange, Tondero reflects the resilience and creativity of the Afro-Peruvian community.


Key Elements of Peruvian Tondero


  1. Rhythmic Complexity: Tondero is characterized by its intricate and syncopated rhythms. The heartbeat of the dance is often marked by the cajón, a percussion instrument made from a wooden box. The rhythmic patterns of the cajón and other accompanying instruments create a dynamic and irresistible groove.
  2. Dance Movements: Tondero dancers engage in lively and expressive movements that echo the rhythms of the music. The dance often features fast footwork, rhythmic clapping, and intricate hand gestures that weave a visual narrative of the music’s rhythm and emotion.
  3. Costumes: The traditional attire worn during Tondero performances reflects the fusion of cultures. Dancers often wear vibrant and colorful clothing adorned with intricate patterns and designs that pay homage to both African and Indigenous traditions.

Tondero and the Cajón Peruano


As most of the Peruvian traditional rhythms, Cajón is the main instrumento in Tondero, being the leader of the percussion ensemble that provides the rhythmic support to dancers to express al the energy and colors of Perú´s people. 

Along the songs, the cajon peruano and dancers play games with each others in which they creates rhythms, musical phrases and body figures that express the colorful life of Perú´s history and traditions.


Cultural Significance


Afro-Peruvian Tondero is more than just a dance; it’s a powerful representation of the Afro-Peruvian community’s heritage and identity.


The dance serves as a way to honor and preserve ancestral traditions while also providing a space for creative expression and connection.


Tondero gatherings are vibrant and lively, fostering a sense of community and cultural unity.


Peruvian Tondero in Contemporary Times


While Afro-Peruvian Tondero is rooted in history, it has also evolved to resonate with contemporary sensibilities. Modern musicians and dancers are infusing new elements into Tondero, experimenting with fusion genres, and collaborating with artists from various backgrounds. This evolution ensures that Tondero remains relevant and continues to captivate audiences of all ages.


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