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Author: Facundo Alvarez, Percussion teacher and Facilitator

Hi, welcome to Tocar Percusión Website.

In this section you´re going to find several post and videos about percussion ensembles of different rhythms from around the world.

This post is dedicated to Brazilian Afoxé a rhythm deeply rooted in Brazil music and tradition.

In this video you can watch how the Afoxé Ensemble is built and which rhythms and instruments are played in it. 

For the recording of the video I included Conga, Djembé and Timbal Brasilero as main percussion instrument, but in the back you can also listen to some traditional Brazilian percussion instrument such as: Claves, Agogo, Triangle, among others”.

All the rhythms I played in the video are inspired in the traditional rhythms played for years by brazilian percussionists

This material is part of the contents that I use on my Percussion Online Classes and Courses with my student.

I hope you find them useful and entretaining

Thanks to visit my website

Facundo Alvarez

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Brazilian Afoxé Rhythm

A Fusion of History, Culture, and Celebration

Afoxe a musical expression of brazilian culture and heritage

Afoxé origins


To truly appreciate the Afoxé rhythm, we must journey back in time to the days of the African diaspora. With the forced migration of African peoples to the Americas, a fusion of cultures began to take place. In Brazil, this fusion was particularly pronounced, as African traditions intertwined with indigenous and European influences.

Afoxé emerged within the Afro-Brazilian religious context, deeply embedded in Candomblé and Umbanda traditions. These spiritual practices served as a sanctuary for the preservation of African culture and spirituality, even under the oppressive shadow of slavery. Through the rhythms, songs, and dances of Afoxé, these communities found a way to express their resilience and connection to their ancestral roots.

The Heartbeat of Afoxé


At the core of Afoxé lies a captivating rhythm characterized by its steady, pulsating beat. This heartbeat-like rhythm is created through a combination of percussion instruments such as agogô bells, atabaque drums, and ganzá shakers. Each instrument plays a crucial role in building the intricate layers of the Afoxé rhythm, providing a foundation for the accompanying vocals and dance.

The agogô, with its resonant metallic tones, serves as the guiding force, leading the ensemble with its distinct, bell-like sound. The atabaque drums bring depth and power, their thunderous beats grounding the rhythm. Ganzás add a shimmering quality, providing a sparkling contrast to the deep resonance of the drums.

The Celebration of Afoxé


Afoxé is not simply a musical performance; it is a communal celebration that invites all to partake in its infectious energy. It often takes the form of a procession, where participants move together in harmony, embodying the spirit of unity and shared cultural heritage.

During festivals and gatherings, individuals adorned in vibrant costumes and traditional attire come together to dance, sing, and play the instruments that give life to Afoxé. The rhythm becomes a vessel for expressing joy, gratitude, and spiritual connection, creating a powerful sense of belonging among participants.

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