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Start your learning path in percussion today

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Learn to play several percussion instruments: Bongó, Congas, Djembé, Cajón among others.

Online Percussion Classes

Facundo Alvarez Percussion Teacher and Facilitator

Learn to play percussion in a fun an easy way

Start learning percussion from scartch

Hi!, my name is Facundo Alvarez.

I´ve been teaching percussion for more than 20 years to people of all ages and musical background.

In my classes I will help you to:

1. Learn to play percussion in a fun and easy way

2. Optimize your learning times

3. Progress faster in your learning path in percussion

4. Avoid struggling and getting frustrated with the common mistakes and dificulties faced by those who choose to study alone or on a self taught modality.

4. Help you to stay motivated along your learning path.

Online Percussion Classes

You DON´T need to know anything about music to start

In the Percussion Online Classes you´ll learn al the contents needed to read music and write your own rhythms on percussion.

Percussion classes suitable for all levels and ages

The contents in the Percussion Online Classes are structured by level and designed both for people who start from scratch, and for those who already have experience in percussion.

Personalized contents and class plan for you

Percussion Online Clases contents are personalized to your present level of knowledge and to the stage where you are in your learning path with percussion.

What are you going to Learn in the Percussion Online Classes?

I´ll create a class plan designed specially for you, based on your needs and on the music that you like.

This class plan will include all the hand technic, rhythmic and musical aspects that you need to know to learn to play the percussion instrument that you love.

Along the classes you´ll improve your hand technic, your sound and your playing skills, while you´ll learn to play different rhythms and songs with the drum that you love.

Facundo Alvarez Percussion Teacher and Facilitator

Wait no more!, start your
learning path in percussion today

Online Percussion Classes Monthly Plan

Online Percussion Classes

Once a week we´re going to meet for a face to face online class on Zoom or Google Meet Platform,

Monthly Plan Pricing

Monthly Plan fee is u$s 100/month and includes 4 classes (Once a Week), all the materials of the classes, and free and full access to Tocar Percusion´s Online Practice Platform

Online Practice Plattform

I will also include a Practice Plan to help you organize and optimize your practice sessions at home. For that you going to have access to several videos in Tocar Percusión´s platform


Between class we´ll keep in touch by mail or whatsapp in order to monitor your progress and help you with any difficulty you may will you practice at home

Students reviews

Facundo percussion classes really helped me to improve my way of playing the congas and also added great new rhythms to my repertoire.
Facundo´s classes are great and they helped me to fulfill my desire to learn to play the bongos.
Facundo´s classes are fun and challeging. They really helped me to begin to play the cajon and to learn a lot of new rhythms.
I started the djembé classes from zero and full of doubts, but after a few classes I started to understand my instrument better and play all kinds of music.
Facundo´s classes really help me with the djembé, I learn to play a lot music and rhythms.
I wanted to play the bongos with my friends in a band and Facundo´s classes were really help me to achieve that goal. I learn a lot in them!
I needed to learn to play the congas to help in my church band and Facundo classes helped me to achieve that goal and help my community.
Great teacher and wonderfull experience. I learn a lot of tricks and rhythms in my Djembe classes with Facundo.
Czech Republic

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To join in the classe you´ll need:

  • A device with internet access and webcam: Pc,  Notebook,  Netbook, Tablet,  Celular.

  • The instrument you want to learn to play
    -Instruments included: Bongó, Conga, Cajón Djembé y Timbal Brasilero-.

To book your Percussion Online Class, first check the time availability in the calendar, and choose the day and hour that works best for you.

(Read it before making the Booking)

  • Before confirming the booking, please check the right hour on your time zone.
    The calendar hours are set to GMT-3
    (Convert to my time zone).


  • Telephone provided for the reservation should be a cellular and has to include the country code and the city code [+XX (XXX) cellular number].


  • Online class reservations will not be taken less than 24 hours in advance, that is, do not reserve a class for the same day you´re making the booking.


In the next step you´re going to pay the monthly fee of the classes (4 classes) to confirm your reservation