Afrobrazilian Timbal Online Clases | Learn to play percussion

$ 100,00

Afrobrazilian Timbal Online Classes


📲 Individual and face-to-face classes through Zoom or Google Meet.

📆 Weekly classes scheduled at and specific day and time – 4 classes per month (1 per week)-. The approximate duration of the class is 40/50 minutes.

👍 They are classes suitable for all levels (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced)

👌 Their contents are personalized to your level of knowledge and to the stage in which you are in your learning path with the drawer.

🔊 Classes are taught in SPANISH (ESP) or ENGLISH (ENG) according to the student’s preference.

📱 Access to an online platform with exclusive materials for musical practice -audio and video- that complement the content seen in classes.

📂 Materials in pdf and videos of the contents that are seen in the classes to practice during the week.

📢 Support and follow-up via Mail and Whatsapp.


📓 In the classes all the technical, rhythmic and musical aspects necessary to learn to play the Conga are addressed through a simple, practical and fun method.

🎵 In the classes you will learn to play percussion in a practical and playful way through activities and musical challenges in which you can put into play the knowledge and skills you are acquiring.

🎶 In the classes various musical rhythms: African, Afro-Peruvian rhythms, Afro-Latin rhythms, Afro-Brazilian Rhythms, pop, rock, reggae, funk, soul, etc, .


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