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The Percussion Code

The percussion code your best way into percussion learning

The Key to Start your Learning Path in Percussion

The Percussion Code, is the Universal Method for learning to play percussion which I´ve developed from my 15 years background and experience as professional musician and percussion teacher, and which I´ve created with the goal of facilitating the learning of percussion for people of all ages.

The Percussion Code proposes you a new and different way of thinking and approaching the learning of percussion, which It provides you with all the technical, musical and creative resources for you to start and develop as a percussionist.

The Percussion Code allows to access to all the knowledge and resources needed for you to learn to play several percussion instruments como son: Congas, Djembé, Cajón Peruano, Timbal Brasilero, Bongó y diversos accesorios de percusión.

And it also gives you the tools so you can make music in various musical contexts -Percussion Ensemble, Band, Trio, Duet, etc.-

10 Key Skills You Will Improve as You Learn The Percussion Code

Percussion Sheet Music

Music Theory

Your musical vocabulary will increase and you will improve your ability to express yourself musically.

Learn percussion music theory


By learning to play percussion by making music, you will constantly stimulate and develop your ability to express different musical ideas.

Percussion hand technique

Hands technique and sound

Through a gradual and conscious hand technique training, you will improve your sound in the instrument.

Percussion Rhythms on the drum

Rhythmic Skill

The mindset that The Percussion Code gives you will allow you to understand and approach the most diverse rhythms on percussion

Play percussion with the metronome

Sense of tempo

Training with the instrument will allow you to strengthen one of the basic functions of percussion, maintaining the pulse.

Body Percussion

Body management

By increasing your conscious handling of your body, you will develop a more organic way of playing, allowing you to flow to the rhythm of your musical ideas.

Train your brain playing percussion


Constant feedback between learning and musical practica will stimulate an increasing development of your musical creativity.

Train your musical ear

Active listening

Your listening skills will be refined, improving your understanding of various musical contexts.

Have fun with percussion

Confidence and self esteem

The achievements and objectives that you will overcome along your "Learning Path" will enable you to develop a growing mastery of the instrument.

Be happy playing percussion


That you play, experiment and have fun with percussion, is the main objective of the learning path that I am proposing.

percussion facilitator

Facundo Alvarez
Percussion Teacher & Facilitator

For 20 years I´ve dedicated myself to develope educational and recreational materials and experiences, with the goal of facilitate access to percussion learning to people of all ages

In all the projects I work motivated by the premise that "Percussion is for everybody" and that "Everyone can learn to play percussion".

My main goal is to help, as many people as I can, to live the unique experience of making music with percussion instruments.