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Don´t learn to play percussion in 5 minutes, It´s a Scam!!

Author: Facundo Alvarez, Percussion teacher and Facilitator

Hi, fellow percussionists. Welcome.

I decided to make this post because in the last months, many of the new percussion students that arrived to my online classes showed up with a sad feeling that they have an issue that prevents them to start learning to play the percussion instrument that they love.

After digging up that idea and asking a couple of questions, the common denominator was that most of them tried to start to learn to play percussion by themselves, and using what I call the “magical solutions”.

What I mean is those videos or websites that you can find online that claims that you can learn to play a percussion instrument or the piano, the guitar in 5 minutes.

After discussing with them that idea and clear the air around it. I decided to make this post to help other people to avoid to fall in that trap and to help them to start their learning path in percussion.

So, let’s discuss about this “magical solutions” and also talk about some real concepts about percussion learning.

It´s not possible to learn to play percussion in 5 minutes

First of all, I want to make really, really clear that by any means it is impossible to learn to play a percussion instrument in 5 minutes. I need the urge to make that clear because there are many people who think that that is possible. And when they don’t get to do that, they’ll start feeling that they are the one who has an issue that prevents to do that and that they never going to be able to learn to play the percussion instrument that they love.

So let’s think for a minute about this.

Have you ever in your life learned to do something meaningful as meaningful and learned to play the percussion instrument that you love in 5 minutes?

If I had to think of myself, I think I have to say clearly. No, never.

Maybe in 5 minutes you can learn to peel an apple in a new way, or maybe fold your clothes more quickly, or maybe make a better order of your books in your library. Yes, I give you that. 

But when you want to learn something meaningful, you can´t learn it in 5 minutes because that takes steps on times.

You are going to require time to learn and time to practice. 

How much time takes to learn to play percussion?


How much time? What is the time that you’re going to need? Yes, it’s not at a specific time because that time depends on some personal variables. What I mean is:

  • How much time do you have to learn and practice?
  • Which are your skills?
  • How much do you know about music?
  • With goals you set up?
  • So what you can learn about percussion in 5 minutes?

Bottom line, each process is individual and personal. There are not a pre establish time for that.

What can you learn about percussion in 5 minutes?

Well, in any YouTube video, what you’re going to learn in 5 minutes is something really fence specific about percussion. Maybe a rhythm?, Maybe an exercise? or maybe some advice.

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Be careful when using YouTube videos to learn to play percussion

However, for beginner percussion students YouTube video are kind of like a lottery. Why? Well, because when you’re new in something and it’s difficult for you to decide which of the videos that you find in your query are the right ones to start your learning to play percussion.

Also, because they´re thousand of videos is going to be really hard for you to find an specific video that match your skills, your knowledge on the point in which you are in your learning process in percussion.

Bottom line is that maybe those videos can make more harm that help you. What I mean is, picking the worng video can make your learning path harder and even longer. At the same time It can demotivate you and make you think that you’re never going to be able to learn to play the percussion instrument that you love.

So to close the post, let’s talk about some ideas and questions that come to mind.

First of all, those videos exist for a reason. You can find it on the web. And also they help a lot of you. So that’s meant that there’s a lot of people who are seeking for those kind of magical solution. So my question to them is, where do they have to go so fast? What is the urge? Don’t they know that when you rush something, you miss all the fun?

What is more fulfilling that overcome our goals step by step until you manage to get that final goal we´re seeking for? How more valuable is that goal?

Second, when we start to believe that using the shortcut is the best way to go?, I don’t know if if you look around is full of samples of the opposite. You can find them it in movies, books or like stories that proof the contrary. That is that for learning to do something meaningful as learning to play the percussion instrument that you love, you’re going to need time, energy, dedication, determination and clear goals.

One last advice before we end this video. Forget about those magic solutions. Go through your own learning path in progression, respecting your time and your needs.

You’re going to see that the results are going to come, don´t rush them. Because everything comes in the right time!.

That´s all for now.

I hope you find this post fun and useful and that you can apply all this advices in your learning path in percussion.

Thanks for reading this post.

Facundo Alvarez

percussion facilitator

Facundo Alvarez
Percussion Facilitator

For 20 years I´ve dedicated myself to develope educational and recreational materials and experiences, with the goal of facilitate access to percussion learning to people of all ages

In all the projects I work motivated by the premise that "Percussion is for everybody" and that "Everyone can learn to play percussion".

My main goal is to help, as many people as I can, to live the unique experience of making music with percussion instruments.